Green Finance Innovation

Green finance has been through rapid evolution in line with a growing recognition of the need to fill the large finance gap limiting progress on climate, biodiversity and other global environmental challenges. Read More


Can you unlock value from financing green activity?

Is there a real economic benefit created. Can a ‘Green Premium’ be realised ?

Share business energy savings to directly reduce bill and service the debt in a package


Can you find a low cost yet reliable dataset & method?

Is the green benefit (e.g. CO2e reduction) accurately calculated and monitored?

Use open banking to access energy payments, isolate reduction from other variables


Reduce minimum lending or investment limits

Is the impact of this product limited by not reaching bigger market segments?

Use Blockchain to reduce operating costs and lower green bond minimums


Support the customer’s learning requirements

Is it clear to customers how this product overcomes these barriers / creates value?

Use proven Edtech tools to build green saving knowledge and confidence ‘just in time’

Innovation can be deployed in green finance to a range of objectives, but fundamental for us is the need for all green finance to function well as a regular financial product or service. Read More

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